Wednesday, June 24, 2009

lamb brucetta

this is a fingertips food that i try out...lamb brucetta...toast the bread ready for use, cut lamb meat into small cubes(preferable tender meat), marinate with rosemarry , black pepper and salt. the rosemarry goes well with lamb. then slice some cucumber ( not too thin). pan try the lamb until it cook, it's quite fast. then cut the bread into smaller pieces... spread some mayonese, put the lamb cube and cucumeber on top, garnish with some thin cucumber slices....done...this is so so simple. (pls take note: must serve the lamb while is hot for better taste)


  1. hey... expecting the next potluck... I believe you would bring some surprise to us... hehe..

  2. Looking at your blog make me hungry everytime!! Let's pot luck!! And teach me!!!! Lolx!! All the best and try more new food ya!! =)