Wednesday, June 24, 2009

lamb brucetta

this is a fingertips food that i try out...lamb brucetta...toast the bread ready for use, cut lamb meat into small cubes(preferable tender meat), marinate with rosemarry , black pepper and salt. the rosemarry goes well with lamb. then slice some cucumber ( not too thin). pan try the lamb until it cook, it's quite fast. then cut the bread into smaller pieces... spread some mayonese, put the lamb cube and cucumeber on top, garnish with some thin cucumber slices....done...this is so so simple. (pls take note: must serve the lamb while is hot for better taste)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Nemo's mini Breazza

Breazza is actually combination of bread and pizza. this is invented by me in this lovely sunday morning. i try it out with some sausage, bacon, saute onions with pepper, some cucumber and of course mozzarella cheese. First i toast the bread with some butter in the frying pan, then i saute oninios, bacon and slice sasauge ready for use.

spread some mayo and chille sause on top of the toasted bread, put some onions, slice sausage, bacon, cucumber and cheese for topping
then put inside the frying pan, cover it and use small fire to heat it up and let the cheese melt.

i use this method because i don't have a oven in my house. so this method work as well, it just need some more time. beside you wont get some golden brown effect on top the cheese. but overall it taste nice too.
it's ready to serve. it doesn't look that nice, but the taste is nice with the crunchy bread based and the rich sticky cheese. hahaha...i will modify and change some ingrediants next time and hopefully it will turn out nicer and more tasty. hope you can try it and enjoy it. do leave commen for me:)

dinner at Dave's Pizza Pasta Vino

had a nice and yummy dinner at Dave's Pizza, Pasta and Vino. this is my first time visit this restaurant. it located in 1U old wing. we pick this restaurant randomly after our sing k. we see a big board outside the restaurant stating "non- halal" and we decided go for a try. the first page of the menu is about the introduction of the chef himself. he wont quite a amount of awards in the pork and poultry category. this his cooking is more to mixture of french and italian and asian. there are a varieties of pizzas, pasta... you can choose your favorite pasta and the sauce yourself. basically is your favorite combination. it's awesome. we choose stuff mushroom for our appetizer. it is so so nice when i try the first portion. the combination of portobello mushroom with some minch meat, mix herbs, bacon and mozzarella cheese is so perfect. it is use to bake, all the moist lock inside the mushroom. you can feel the freshness of the juice inside your mouth. yummy. this meal serve with some tomatoes and fresh salad. yumm yumm...
we also ordered an's nice and special, the based it not too thick nor too thin, it's's a ham pizza...i forgotten the name of the ham...
the are many more dishes like pork rib, lamb rack, pork belly and so so many more...we can't try too much due to we just 2 person and we can't finish the food....i definitely will back for second time.

Address :

Dave's Pizza Pasta Vino

Lot G209, Ground Floor,

Promonade, 1 Utama,

47800 Petaling Jaya

Tel : 03-77254017

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

dinner alone...

after enjoy a nice movie : 17 Again at cinileisure, my friend have to left early for a's 7.30pm and outside is having terrible jam. to avoid the jam i decided to have to take my dinner alone. i walked to Ikea to have my all time favorite, beef balls....YES!!
YESS!! this is my dinner....hahha...i can really eat alot...the beef balls serve with the berry jam and special made brown sause is perfect match and the chocolate damien cake is damn nice...actually having dinner alone is not a sad thing, it can be quite enjoy. slowly enjoy my meal and keep eyes busy observing others. ge poh and 38...

first time serving customer...

after 2months learning of basic cooking....finally this is the first time we serve our cooked food to the customer...we serve full course meal to the customer and our group in charge in the main course....which is the fish..we fillet the fish and make it into small rolls and wrap it with food wrap film...
we wrap it like sausages keep aside, then we need to poach it with simmer water
when is cooked, we cool it down in ice water, this is to prevent the fish being over cooked.
*seriously, we feel scared and worry about using the film and cook together in the hot water, we keep on ask the chef if we can use other way...but too bad...she say this is the only way and she say this is ok, no harm...if not we can't see her anymore...omg....* this is to prevent the moist of the fish going into the water and also keep the fish in nice shape...
after cold, we cut the food wrap film away. of course we are not serving with it.siow...then keep aside wait to be serve with side dishes and sauces.
this is how it looks like after cook and remove the film. our chef keep on saying "handsome la", mean the fish look good.
this is how we serve it. side dishes : smash potatoes, a piece of roasted tomato, some saute leek, hollandaise sauce, vinegrate and some vegy for garnishing....hahaha...
simple? is great that our chef compliment on our good job today

Sunday, June 14, 2009

professional chef or lecturer?

changing time table whenever you like? you think you are the superior one? eat shXX are a chef and also a lecturer, we are paying you money to teach us not for you to do whatever you like... wtf...was so piss off this past friday, purposely travel from jalan ipoh to sunway for a practical class, the class was suppose to be 8am till 1pm. suddenly the day before the lecturer changed it to 2.30pm. why? who knows? maybe he need more sleep? or ... we reached early to prepare ourselves for the class, who knows he late again and many others students who are late. i wonder why they always late?is this a culture?or they have tons of good reasons for being late?

the class started late...chef told us that we are going to learn local breakfast, which consist of roti canai, capatti, nasi lemak and possible some international breakfast. gosh... it make everyone of us mouth waterred. then suddenly we were interupped by our chef lecturer. " im sorry class, we overlook our venue booking, the kitchen we are using now supposed to be use by another batch of students, we are not going to cancel this class , we are going to have theory class"... OMG....all of us really potong steam. then we have our theory class at another venue. the first thing he get in the class and said" eh, hari in malas nak ajar la, we do something else.....bla bla bla....." WTX....waste our time here for nothing. many of us just left when he said he wanted to do something nonsense...

*shout out* you both are sucks!!!canceling your class and doing some nonsense things is not your job! you don't have the right to do are not the superior one, you are also being paid by the student....kanasai

Friday, June 12, 2009

nemolicious first blog..

it's been a long long time since i wrote blog. the blogging mood had left far behind and disappear. the mood coming back since i changed course and finally i found back who i am. cooking and baking is what i love and passion...many people told me that is a waste that i quit my Year2 degree in psychology. i do took a lot of struggling in choosing what i really want and who i want to be someday. it's hard, but i gone through it. Ms. C (counselor) thanks for your guidance and support and of course not to forget my beloved mom, dad and all my beloved buddies for being so supportive to me. keep on motivate me and never leave me alone. this new blog is actually for me to share with my buddies about my new life as a CHEF to be, the process, ups and down and i will definitely share some yummy and delicious recipe here...hehe... that's why i call this "nemolicious".
thanks for listening me crapping here....hehhee:)