Friday, June 12, 2009

nemolicious first blog..

it's been a long long time since i wrote blog. the blogging mood had left far behind and disappear. the mood coming back since i changed course and finally i found back who i am. cooking and baking is what i love and passion...many people told me that is a waste that i quit my Year2 degree in psychology. i do took a lot of struggling in choosing what i really want and who i want to be someday. it's hard, but i gone through it. Ms. C (counselor) thanks for your guidance and support and of course not to forget my beloved mom, dad and all my beloved buddies for being so supportive to me. keep on motivate me and never leave me alone. this new blog is actually for me to share with my buddies about my new life as a CHEF to be, the process, ups and down and i will definitely share some yummy and delicious recipe here...hehe... that's why i call this "nemolicious".
thanks for listening me crapping here....hehhee:)