Sunday, June 14, 2009

professional chef or lecturer?

changing time table whenever you like? you think you are the superior one? eat shXX are a chef and also a lecturer, we are paying you money to teach us not for you to do whatever you like... wtf...was so piss off this past friday, purposely travel from jalan ipoh to sunway for a practical class, the class was suppose to be 8am till 1pm. suddenly the day before the lecturer changed it to 2.30pm. why? who knows? maybe he need more sleep? or ... we reached early to prepare ourselves for the class, who knows he late again and many others students who are late. i wonder why they always late?is this a culture?or they have tons of good reasons for being late?

the class started late...chef told us that we are going to learn local breakfast, which consist of roti canai, capatti, nasi lemak and possible some international breakfast. gosh... it make everyone of us mouth waterred. then suddenly we were interupped by our chef lecturer. " im sorry class, we overlook our venue booking, the kitchen we are using now supposed to be use by another batch of students, we are not going to cancel this class , we are going to have theory class"... OMG....all of us really potong steam. then we have our theory class at another venue. the first thing he get in the class and said" eh, hari in malas nak ajar la, we do something else.....bla bla bla....." WTX....waste our time here for nothing. many of us just left when he said he wanted to do something nonsense...

*shout out* you both are sucks!!!canceling your class and doing some nonsense things is not your job! you don't have the right to do are not the superior one, you are also being paid by the student....kanasai

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