Sunday, June 21, 2009

Nemo's mini Breazza

Breazza is actually combination of bread and pizza. this is invented by me in this lovely sunday morning. i try it out with some sausage, bacon, saute onions with pepper, some cucumber and of course mozzarella cheese. First i toast the bread with some butter in the frying pan, then i saute oninios, bacon and slice sasauge ready for use.

spread some mayo and chille sause on top of the toasted bread, put some onions, slice sausage, bacon, cucumber and cheese for topping
then put inside the frying pan, cover it and use small fire to heat it up and let the cheese melt.

i use this method because i don't have a oven in my house. so this method work as well, it just need some more time. beside you wont get some golden brown effect on top the cheese. but overall it taste nice too.
it's ready to serve. it doesn't look that nice, but the taste is nice with the crunchy bread based and the rich sticky cheese. hahaha...i will modify and change some ingrediants next time and hopefully it will turn out nicer and more tasty. hope you can try it and enjoy it. do leave commen for me:)


  1. Wow... copy righted food by u??? Look pretty well to eat... but consider the calories... =..=

  2. lolx....just enjoy the food and makan saja....after exercise la