Saturday, July 18, 2009

local taste penne

it's a lovely sat morning. woke up and in the mood for cooking....hehehe....i try out some new recipe...actually there doesn't left much ingredients so i give a shot.

Preparation: first smash to hard boiled eggs and add in some mayonnaise. boil water, add some salt to cook some penne. while waiting it to cook, cut Japanese cucumber and baby butterhead into stripes. slice some garlic. strain the penne when is cook and ready for use.

Cook: heat up the pan with some butter, saute garlic and some crushed black pepper. let the butter burn a bit to give the brownish color to the penne. put in the cooked penne and toast the pan. add in some "maggie curry powder" for seasoning.

place the cut cucumber and baby butterhead on plate, put the cooked penne on top. garnish with the smashed eggs and some chicken floss....ready to be serve....yumm yumm...

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