Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Oriental style beef carbonara

Tomorrow im going to have my practical exam, kinda worry but i am totally ready for it:) today in a nice mood for cooking....i tried out something more local and yet i still have much spaghetti in my house....hehehe.....

Step 1: Boil hot water and cook spaghetti
Step 2: Cut carrot and french beans into thin slices, chop some garlic and ready for use
Step 3: Pan fry some thin slices of beef quickly to avoid over cook, season with salt and black pepper
Step 4: Remove the beef on a plate, slice it into smaller pieces.
Step 5: With the remain juice on the pan where left over by the beef, saute with some garlic and add in some olive oil. add some mix herbs of own choice.
Step 6: Add in whipping cream, use small fire slowly let the sauce simmer. Season with salt. When is cook, add in an egg and stir it quickly.
Step 7: Add in the cooked spaghetti, stir it and serve on a plate.
Step 8:Saute some garlic, put sliced carrot and french bean and saute. season with salt.
Step 9: Serve all the cooked ingrediants on a plate and ready to MAKAN!

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